Heating Pad

Depending on the type of product being transport, depending on the atmospheric conditions, you can install the flexitank BBL with Heating Pad; maintaining the desired temperature since the beginning of the load, until his discharge in the final destination.

There are a lines of rubber and steel, placed behind the corrugated paper at the time of installation of the Flexitank; enabling us to provide heat to the product until melting, so as to stimulate their download.

  • - It is used for liquids easy to crystallize, being faster download.
  • - It can be reused.

Applicable Products

  • - Palm oil.
  • - syrup.
  • - animal fats.
  • - paraffin.
  • - paraffin wax.
  • - maltose.
  • - coconut oil.
  • - etc.

For more information please contact where professionals from flexitank BBL we will advise you what is best for your product loaded, since our company we need your information to serve them better service..

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