Technical developments of flexitank BBL


The flexitank BBL of PE (Polyethylene) has been developed, in large measure, to optimize the quality and cost in transporting sea containers and / or bulk.

These developments have been applied equally to the accessories, such as the installation of inorganic material and the valves for bottom loading, which have been converted into standards of various sectors and products, such as oil or wine.

Some distributors have preferred the single-ply for its resistance and ease of downloading.

The vast majority of our distributors favor the multi-ply for its combination of strength, lightness and ease of handling, although both products have ensured its success.

But certainly, with our materials and designs continue to offer provided the best combination, endurance, flexibility and hygiene, the best price.

In BBL we offer to our customers flexitanks single-use only. Thus, we give the total guarantee that there will be no type of contamination by any residue from a previous product.

Depending on the number of layers with which this manufactured, there are three types of flexitank:

  • - Flexitank multilayer:
    Flexitank BBL are manufactured between 4 - 5 layers of polyethylene. The main advantage of these flexitank is that each layer is very thin and flexible, which makes it very easy finished downloading and bend the flexitank semi empty to not leave losses.
  • - Flexitank monolayer:
    The flexitank BBL is manufactured from a single layer of polyethylene MLLDPE (Metallocene linear low intensity), thicker than the multilayer and , therefore, is less flexible. Its main advantage is that any remaining product between the layers. Not being marketed by their low demand. (Consult to ordering)
  • - Flexitank bilayer 1+2:
    Is the most common structure for the degree of power Low-density Polyethylene (LDPE); including all the advantages of other Flexitank BBL.

Flexitank BBL is manufactured with a layer of polyethylene, hard as the monolayer, but thin and flexible, covered by a second layer of polyethylene that protects the inner layer of the irregularities that may possess the container.

The structure of flexitank BBL for the most common food grade, it is called, " 1 +2"

  • “ Inner layer (1 x 0.25mm + 2 x 0.125mm) + outer layer PP ”
  • “ Inner layer (1 x 0.35mm + 2 x 0.125mm) + outer layer PP ”


Depending on the structure of the layers, whether they are thicker there may be a risk of stress-craking at the time of loading, unloading or in transport by the thickness, on the contrary are easier to download the liquid, being more resistant; since it is stronger and at the time of absorption of the hose, limited shrinkage, leaving less residue on the container.

In the structure of the layers with less thickness, the layers are thinner and flexible on the inside, making an easy packaging, and on the contrary, during the absorption of the fluid in the download, you can leave a minimum of waste at its inside.

Flexitank BBL of polyethylene (PE)

BBL flexitank is "single use" and is constructed mainly of co-polymers of polyethylene (PE) both of a layer (single-ply) as well as multi (multi-ply).

This specific type of Flexitank BBL has been reinforced with tissues of aramid fibers of high technology, offering unique advantages in the voltage and softness, as it is sewn by the top and bottom thus reducing the possible leaks caused by the seams, and making it highly resistant to wear during loading/unloading or transport.

The PE has always been the favorite of the food industry and packaging in our society. The material for a flexitanque incorporates another series of mechanical and physical properties that make it reliable, effective and easy to use in terms of handling, installing, uninstalling, and final disposal.

The material used for making flexitank BBL, has FDA approval and CE.

It's strong, flexible, waterproof and compatible with a wide range of liquid food products, industrial products and non-hazardous chemicals.

While a flexitanque single-ply is based on a greater thickness, multi-ply may incorporate an anti-oxygen barrier, particularly wine, in the form of extra layer to control the migration thereof (an EVOH barrier 100 micrometers) a high barrier to gases and hermetiza low molecular weight compounds (eg, flavorings) also reduces the leakage of contaminants such as naphthalene or TCA, eliminating odors and flavors.

Wide range of uses in Flexitank BBL

Foodstuffs Non hazardous liquids chemicals Products industrial
Edible oils Detergents White oils
Vegetable oils Printing Inks Mineral oils
Fruit juices Natural latex Transformers oils
Water Synthetic latex Industrials oils
Wine Plasticizers Adhesives
Glucose Concentrates Bio-diesel
Fat Additives Lubricants
The sugar solution Synthetics reins Plasticizers
Food Additives Silicates Tung Oil
Pharmaceuticals Emulsions Glicerine
Palm Oil Glycols Base Oil
Sauces Polyols Coconut Oil
Vinegar Herbicide Castor Oil
Malt extract Fertilizers Industrial Gear Oil
Sorbitol Rust Inhibitors Oil fatty acids
Beer Desinfectant
Syrup Saline Solutions
Milk Polyether
Fish Oil Surfactant
Maltose Feed aditive
Corn Oil Printing Oil
Alcohol Propanediol And many more…..

The material of the body of Flexitank BBL

The flexitank BBL is composed of internal layers + PE outer layer PP (Polypropylene)

Outer layer PP (polypropylene), fabrics made with blue and white.

In BBL Flexitank we have availability for the choice of color in the outer layer (polypropylene), thus obtaining the desired color, logo or label along with your company.

An integral molded over time has been removed for redudir longitudinal seams so the risk of defects or faults. Layered reinforcement enhancing physical strength, durability and safety, leading to improved containment. (it that to say, sewn on 2 sides only, ensuring quality).

Flexitank Body: Containers for liquids - Food Packaging

Inner layer PE
(2 x 0.35mm PE) + 1 outer layer PP ( Picture 1)
Inner layer PE
(4 x 0.125mm PE) + 1 outer layer PP (Picture 2)
Inner layer PE
(1 x 0.25mm + 2 x 0.125mm PE) + outer layer PP (picture 3)

Available inner layer EVOH ( 1 x 0,1 mm)

(2 X 0.35mm), (2 x 0.125 + 1 x 0.25mm) y ( 4 x 0.125mm)

Flexitank BBL offers to types, load/unload valve top or load/unload bottom.

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