Flexitank - Container for liquids - container flexitank

  • Wide range of uses

    Storing and transporting a variety of liquid foods, industrial products and liquid non-hazardous chemicals.
    To be transported by sea, rail and road.
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  • Economic and quality

    Each specimen is subjected to strict quality control during manufacture of FLEXITANK BBL (FDA and EC) Request more information

What is Flexitank BBL?

The Flexitank BBL is a flexible package of polyethylene (PE), which is used to store and transport a wide variety of liquid foods, industrial products and liquid non-hazardous chemicals (as pharmaceuticals).

For chemicals is the best alternative compared to other packages, such as tank containers, drums, Iso-tanks, IBC ...

Each Flexitank is placed in a dry container 20 'or any transport with the same characteristics, to be transported by air, sea, rail or road.

The inner BBL flexitank standard is composed of layers made from food grade liner (translucent), low density polyethylene (LDPE) and an outer layer of woven polypropylene (PP) highly resistant to wear.

BBL Flexitank is capable of 14-24 cubic meters, with a maximum capacity of 24,000 liters of liquid, which are the best way to transport a container of liquid.

- Each component of Flexitank BBL are tested in our factory to ensure the quality of the product.

- In the minimum order (5 units), may be included at no cost, bbl flexitank samples to show the quality to its customers.

- Availability of creating a custom label for your company.

Maximum product allowable in the BBL-3 shall be the greater of:

  • → 24 000kg if the specific gravity >1, or
  • → 24 000 liters (6340 US Gallons) if the specific gravity < 1




Flexitank installation

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Flexitank components

nstallation and assembly of Flexitank